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Sony Xperia J, is simply a smartphone that works on Android software.

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water damaged tried to to turn it on will it still work?

My sony Xperia J has been soaked and the first thing I did was disassemble it and try to dry it using the sun's heat then tried to to turn it on will it still work?

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Mae Amor Gumahad only drying it will leave residue that will create corrosion and short circuit. You do have to clean it. Use some 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush to clean it . Use this guide Réparer un dommage causé par un liquide sur un iPhone to see how to clean a phone. Even so it was written for an iPhone all the steps still apply to you phone as well. Once it is cleaned replace the battery with a new one and the reassemble and evaluate your phone for further damage. Until it is cleaned, anything will only be a guess.

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