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Le premier modèle d'iPhone, modèle A1203 avec 4 ou 8 Go de stockage, et coque en aluminum. Les réparations sont souvent basées sur le principe du levier et peuvent demander de la soudure quelques fois.

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How to repair broken LCD Screen


LCD screen of my iPhone(A1203 - 1st Gen) is damaged and I need a new one.

I can't locate this info on Any pointers?



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Here's how to fix it: Remplacement de l'écran de l'iPhone 1ère génération

The part is not cheap, I'd do a lot of searching for prices before trying to fix it:

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1 commentaire: little cheaper and the least expensive on ebay at so it pays off to shop around :) good luck


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I've done this repair and it's a lot of work. You have to open the iPhone from the back to replace it. While you can buy the whole display assembly I did it with just purchasing the touch digitizer. It's a little more difficult but will save you $40. Shop around on eBay for the touch screen. Don't buy from China on this one. Read through the step by step on how to remove the display assembly and then check out youtube videos on how to separate the touch digitizer from the main display assembly. You're gonna need a hair dryer and one of the plastic pry tools. You can do it. I did that as the first thing I'd ever done on an iPhone. Take it slow when disassembling don't rush things. If something isn't coming easy don't pull harder. I did and tore a ribbon cable. Best of luck!

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if it still works it not the lcd its the frunt plate

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