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recommended diagnostic equipment and tools

For those expert repairers and biz owners: What type of diagnostic equipment would you recommend to start an electronics repair business? for instance to fix iphones, tablets and laptops. Besides DMMS, Scopes, and basic soldering and calibration tools, are there specialized types of equipment to diagnose non-obvious faults on electronic devices that you would recommend? Thanks for the feedback again!

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dc bench power supply and usb volt / amp meter


@emasterstudent besides all the tools listed in the answers you will need the schematics boadlayout files etc. to work on any device. Only then wil you know what component is where and what rails they belong to etc. Can't use any tool unless you have "a map" of where to use them. Best people to answers this completely would be @refectio and @teetopp


great feedback...thanks!


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Hetco, air gun. SMT Max is a good line.

Mobile dryer. (i use RG-202F)

Drivers of various types and sizes related to the types of devices you will use.

Side cutters


Compressed air


Hot plate.


Battery load tester

Sonic Wash

That should get you going to start

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Thank you for the comprehensive list.


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