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Modèle de fin 2011, A1278 / processeur i5 de 2,4 GHz ou i7 de 2,8 GHz.

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LCD Display not working, always white and random bars


I have a MacBook Pro 13-inch, late 2011 which some time ago started suffering this [1] issue and I was wondering if do someone know how to ensure if the fault comes from the LCD cable or the LCD display?

I've tried disassembling the MacBook to check for cable connections, I even tried removing the LCD display and attaching an external one via thunderbolt to HDMI connector and it worked fine on the external display. In fact attaching an external display i'ts the way I've worked around the problem.

Also I've tried resetting SMC, NRAM and PRAM without luck.

In case i would need to replace the LCD display, I also would like to know which ones would fit better on the MacBook. I mean, over the years Apple improved LCD display by providing better image resolution and lowering power consumption so i would like to know which technical data should i look for in order to know if the new LCD Display would work on my MacBook while checking for those improvements


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Yes your display is connected via LVDS signaling Vs iDP which is what the newer retina series uses. You don't have any options here as you need a LVDS based display.

As to what failed I'l thinking you have a bad display. The driver logic on the back of the screen is damaged. Did your sister bang the system or pack it in a bag that pressed on the lid oddly? That likely stressed things.

Here's the IFIXIT guide you'll need to follow: Remplacement de l'écran du MacBook Pro 13" Unibody fin 2011 to fully remove the display. Here's the part you'll need: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Early 2011-Late 2011) Display Assembly.

Image MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Early 2011-Late 2011) Display Assembly


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Early 2011-Late 2011) Display Assembly


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Hi Pau! one thing i will ask about this, does the screen seem to artifact like you describe when you have it on and you adjust the angle of the monitor forward or back? if so this will let you know it is either a connection issue to the board or the inside of the monitor. The one connection is sounds like you have not checked is behind the glass of the monitor, its can be difficult to get the glass off to check this. A heat gun is kind of needed to do this. IF your monitor doesnt artifact as you move the monitor like you are opening and closing the laptop then its probably not the cable that is the issue. But from reading your post its really detailed i want to gravitate towards the LCD connection like i said either at the board or behind the glass in your monitor to the bottom of the LCD/Backlight.

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Hi Irish,

thanks a lot for the quick answer.

The truth is this MacBook belongs to my little syster and for 6 months she's been suffering this issue. She used to press the left part of the screen to solve the issue but it was not always successful. When i disassembled the MacBook i noticed the part she used to press is where the LCD wire resides.

Right now, the LCD display does exactly what appears in the video i posted and then the screen goes all white but i can use the MacBook through the external monitor.

Answering to your question, right now i'm carefully using the MacBook disassembled so the LCD (i think it is also called LVDS ) wire can be seend and touchede. I've tried moving it and touching it in many ways without luck. I mean, event i spent a lot of time moving it, trying to make pressure like connecting it to the LCD display, nothing changes it always keeps the white screen after booting up. To me it looks like the LCD display is not working properly but i'm not 100% sure as my syster has been telling me for the last 6 months that she used to work around the issue by pressing the left side of the screen but this "trick" stopped working some time ago. Short story, right now, no, moving the cable and the LCD display does nothing. I've also tried booting into Diagnosis mode by pressing D while booting but external monitor stopped working and I wasn't able to see anything on the MacBook LCD Display.

I know it's hard to determine, but i was wondering if there is any trick or test i can run to determine if the wire is working properly. I'm planning to attach this LCD Display to a MacBook Air and see what happens but i do not have the Torx screwdriver needed and honestly, i would like to avoid that if possible. Also i though that maybe i could use an electrical tester to check the wires but i would need some clear indications on how to do it. I used to work with electrical testers while studying Computer Engineering at the university but i don't remember hardly anything about them :P

Thanks a lot for your time :)

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