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Can't connect to my wifi, when wifi is opened there are no networks

I have tried to re-enter the network, once done it gives me 2 options forget or done. I have tried refresh networks, add networks and saved networks to no avail. It was fine up to a week or so ago.

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Well, not quite enough information to perhaps help you with an answer. A few questions:

What device / computer are you using to connect to the wifi network?

What system is the device / computer running? MacOs, iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux?

Anyway, someone might be able to help you if you can furnish us with a few more details. As a stab, given no real information, it would appear that your wifi networking interface is defective, or perhaps you are having issues with a network device driver or some such. Sorry, that's all I can suggest at this point. Did you do something significant to your device / computer a week ago that may have contributed to this problem? Happy Holidays.

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