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The Canon EOS Rebel T3, also known as the 1100D, is a continuation of Canon's entry-level line of DSLR cameras, the Rebel series. It features an 12.2 MP sensor and a DIGIC 4 image processor.

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Cannon Rebel T3 Err 01

My camera says that it has a faulty connection. Is this a general error, or is there a way I can fix the connection and use my camera again?

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Philip Vecchio the Err 01 is a pretty generic error for a failure in communication between the camera and the lens. You could try and clean the contacts. If that does not work you could a. try your lens on a different body and see if the error shows as well. That would mean it is your lens that causes the error. If it does not, then you have an error with the body contacts. Stuck aperture blades on your lens can cause this as well.

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how do I clean the contacts?


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How do I clean the contacts. I don’t have another body to try the lens on. If the aperture blades on the lens is stuck, how can I fix that?

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