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Why is my new Hard Drive not seen by Disk Utility?

I wish to replace the fully working 120GB HD with the upgrade 320GB WD3200BEVE drive to gain capacity.

When I fit the new blank HD, fresh from WD, and boot from a system DVD, the HD is not seen by System Profiler or Disk Utility.

I have used the same HD cable and this is the second drive with the same problem. If I refit the 120GB HD the machine works as normal.

I have checked for Firmware updates, there don't seem to be any for this machine.

Any advice please?

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Well I fixed my own problem.

The previous owner was a tinkerer like us, and had fitted an HD ribbon cable which worked with a 120GB HD, but not with a larger drive. It may be faulty, or from another model. When I fitted a different cable 'borrowed' from another PB the new 320GB drive was seen as expected.

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