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Could I run a usb a a hard drive my cctv dvr box?

I was a bit curious about if you could run a usb for a hard drive for any dvr system as every dvr needs a hard drive? Could this happen.

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I'm confused. why don't we start with what type of DVR do you have?


I have a liview 8ch hdmi 960h network dvr 700tvl outdoor day night security camera system


If i use the ethernet than i can. yes or no


Hi normanspencernelson,

Looking at the user guide (see answer below) if you connect the dvr to a router via ethernet and then connect NAS disc system to the router the pvr should be able to connect to them for extra storage (see p.139)


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Hi @taza ,

Your system has SATA port connections to the HDDs (up to 8TB storage) so you would need to find some sort of sata to usb adapter plus power arrangement for the USB HDD if you wanted to connect a USB HDD to the SATA port.

The USB port on the unit is only for backing up from the drives or backing up live feeds that will be stored on the SATA HDD as well, so a USB HDD should work but only as a backup drive

You can also connect up to 8 NAS (Network Attached Storage) disks for more storage if you need to.

You probably already have it but here is the User Manual

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I have no expertise in camera systems, but I'm pretty sure you can upgrade the internal HDD. as for an external usb connected one, you could connect a usb flash drive, if the DVR can read/write the flash drive it can probably read/write a USB HDD.

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