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MacBook Pro A1286 stuck at white screen while booting

My friend’s 15 in macbook pro has a booting problem.

1. During normal booting, after the chime and apple logo, it gets stuck at a white screen.

2. In safe mode booting it goes slightly beyond that. There is a progress bar appearing for a while after which the screen becomes blue with vertical lines.

3. Tried to boot with the option key pressed. Recovery selection does not work. The screen goes blue (with vertical bars) and gets stuck.

4. Tried to use an external bootable usb drive (with OSX El Capitan), through booting using the option key. It appeared to boot with a progress bar appearing. It works till about 3/4th of the progress completed and comes back to white screen again,

5. No improvement after an NVRAM reset.

There are some other issues as well.

1. The battery does not show any charge with all the lights blinking upon pressing the battery indicator button with the power adapted connected.

2. At times there is a mesh up of colors. Blue and Red are displaced.

3. From an off state, upon connecting the power adapter, it tries to boot itself without the power button pressed.

Thanks for any suggestion/help.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. The machine is a 15 inch 2011 model A1286 with 820-2015-B logic board (i7). You said it is a hard drive and/or cable issue. But it did not even boot with a bootable usb drive. Any further suggestion ? Thanks.


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There are know issues on different machines, so it would really help to know your exact machine. In general this sounds like a hard drive and/or hard drive cable issue.

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Try disconnecting the hard drive ribbon cable from the logic board and then try to boot from the external USB source. Make sure the external is bootable on another machine and let me know your findings.

There was a repair program on that machine model for GPU problems which has since expired. The boot bar would get about 60% of the way and then stop.

@danj may have a fix for the dual graphics model which turns off part of the GPU if I remember correctly. Maybe he will chime in on this one.


Thank you Mayer for your suggestion. I did try to boot using a bootable memory stick both by removing HDD cable and the HDD itself. It did try to boot and stooped after about 60% of the progress. There was no activity after that. Could there be an issue with the RAM ? (2x2GB). I have a dead mbp 13 whose RAM (2x2GB) should be alright. But the frequency may not match. Can those RAM be used for checking whether it would boot or not irrespective of speed ?


You'll have to actually read the answers I gave you.


Hi Mayer, I did check with the link for apple support you had provided and found that both telephone and service support for this machine have expired. Secondly this machine came to me from a friend who also got it from his daughter! I don't have the actual purchase date that apple requires and I don't think my friend has any idea about that. That is the problem. For this machine 'apple support' needs to be purchased in that rout has to be followed. Thanks.


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