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MBP Dead after a tiny drop of water

I spilled some water on my table and didn't realize some went under the MBP. It kept on working for the whole day until I picked it up to leave. Then I saw the water when I turned it over. It was just a few drops, but I guess one slid in, because now it's dead.

No noise, lights, fan anything when I press power. With/without battery (fully charged). I tried swapping around all the RAM chips in case one got wet; no luck. Opened it up all the way and nothing obviously wrong. Left next to a heater to dry for 2 days and nothing.

It's out of warranty; any ideas for something I could try? Or if this could be anything cheaper than a logic board replacement (so expensive I might as well just buy a new one)?


PS: Model A1226


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Remove the battery and the AC adapter. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Plug the MagSafe adapter in and press the start button. Tell us any sounds or lights you get including the magsafe. Thanks

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Hi! Thanks for the advice mayer. I tried your instructions and no sound or light of any kind on the magsafe. :-(.

What might that mean..?

When it first happened I think I just heard a tiny and brief clicking sound after I pressed on button. But now that's gone too.


You get no light on the MagSafe Adapter?


Nope. No magsafe light at all!


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