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White screen problem in my Sony Android-kdl50w800d


Please help.

I bought SONY kdl50w800d , 50 inches just 13 months back and the screen is totally white. Sound is coming.

On pressing any button there is no display on screen. What should I do?

Service man came and told panel has to be replaced which will be around Rs. 30,000.

Can anyone help in identifying issue and let me know what to do?

Thanks in advance.

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This is probably the panel board but that is virtually irreplaceable unless you get a new panel. But it could be a loose component or a motherboard problem.


KDl-43W650D this model no i had a problem for this getting white screen


We have the same problem.. Look I'm just a kid my parents might woop my ass off so guyssss I need answers..


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Point the remote at the sensor and hold down for 5 seconds. Tv should reboot

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Can i get ur number?

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