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Why My New Digitizer isn't working

I had broken my digitizer and i got new one as seen in the picture that says tv digital

but is not working

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Plenty of factors in tampering can cause this issue, and the most frequent are listed below.

1) The Connections to the screen are loose: open up the device, re-remove the screen, and attach it again. make sure you hear a click with each connector you apply. Should you have access to it, i would also suggest cleaning the connections with 99% isopropyl for a longer lasting device.

2) The Flex Ribbon has been damaged: the stress put onto the flex ribbons can not only have the chance to tear the ribbon, but more commonly, partially sever the circuit attached to the LCD/Digi itself.

3) Touch Controller IC: Low quality screens, lack of Antistatic protection, and use of metal tools can cause static discharge which damage the touch controller. A much more advanced repair, replacing this IC should fix the issue.

4) Missing/damaged components in the related circuit: There are Hundreds of components on a board. using the wrong tool in the wrong spot, slipping with the drivers or even the original drop, can cause failures on the touch circuit. Manually scan the board for damaged or missing components in the areas you have worked, and replace as necessary.

4) Motherboard damage: If ALL else fail, you have a perminant failure in the PLB, and need to replace it.

aside from the above, there is a posability you got a lemon part, and it has been manufactured wrong. in which case, i would contact the support of your source for the part, and see if there is a warranty on it.

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