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SwagTron T1 Hands Free Smart Board, also known as a Hoverboard or Self-balancing Scooter. Released in June of 2016. Identified by model number 88570-2T1 Black.

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Is there an alternate way of charging my hoverboard?Prong fell off

Hi my hoverboard has the three prong charging port and the one of the prongs fell off.Is there any alternate way to charge it with just two prongs?

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I did the same. I bought a replacement charging port. But needed the 3 pin instead of the four pin I bought. Stuck trying to figure out if theres a way to still use this one instead.??


heelp my hover1 wont charge with two prongs is there a way to fix it without taking it apart!!!!


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You will most likely have to replace the charging port. If This is the right charging port than it shouldn't be that hard or expensive to replace.

Charging port

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I charge my swagway from either 2015 or 2016 with just two prongs; as long as you have two, it should still charge fine, only slower. Cheers!

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I charge my son's hover 1 allstar with an external charger called turnigy accucell8150…that just happens to be the model I have of the charger. ..take the cover off the hover board and unplug the battery …charge it with the external charger till you get the right part.'ll find yourself using that charger are more than 1project…saved my butt in the long run

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….obviously I have yet to find the right side board to replace my son's. ..or the board with the charge port since the battery is fine…I'm thinking that just replacing the port won't cut it for my situation

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