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Acer's 15.6 inch E5-571 series laptop manufactured in 2014.

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Boot up fails unless mouse is constantly touched

I have dual booted my laptop with Kali Linux and Windows 10, when booting into Kali, the boot up fails unless I constantly use the mouse pad and sometimes it fails anyway. Laptop is new with no damage, problem only occurred when I put Kali on.

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I don't have a lot of information to work with here, but I've got a general idea on what I think the problem is.

A lot of consumer grade laptops like Acer seem to have silly problems like this I've never seen happen on business grade systems. It doesn't matter who makes it - I've always seen it happen and it's why I don't like recommending consumer grade laptops to run Linux. Based on that, I'd suggest seeing if the trackpad controller doesn't like Kali Linux. It's probably a Synpatics part, but you need the chip number to see if you're dealing with a incompatible chip and you're not the only person to deal with this or the problem is unique to the machine.

Download a distro like Ubuntu and write it to a USB drive. Once you do this, boot the machine into Ubuntu and run lspci -nn. Look for the device list until you see something that might be the trackpad and then search the chipset and put Kali Linux in front of the model number. More then likely, this problem is a case of the trackpad using a chipset that doesn't like Kali Linux (maybe even Linux in general) and the system is crashing because of this bad chipset.

If it isn't a problem with the chipset used on the trackpad, the next thing I'd look into is the wireless card. A lot of these consumer laptops use Realtek or Atheros. Atheros is usually okay with the exception of ath10 cards requiring non-free firmware, but I've had more problems with Realtek then any other common chipset vendor.

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