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The Chevrolet Cavalier is a compact automobile produced from 1982 to 2005 by General Motors.

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removing headrest in 03 cavalier

how do u remove the head rest

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I just removed them from a 95 Cavalier. No one really had a good way to do it other then cutting or butchering the seat up. It's quite easy if you have the right tools. Take a old windshield wiper blade and remove the metal stainless steel strips. Cut them into 3 inch pcs. Bend it into the shape of an "L" (1"x2" roughly). Trim the long end into a point. Make two of them. Climb into the back seat behind the seat you what to remove the head rest from. Lift the headrest all the way up, Insert the long end of the "L", down the back side of the headrest shaft 3/4 of the way down. The short leg of the "L" should be pointing at you. Using both hands, and force the short part of the "L" to the right of both shafts. What your trying to do is to slide the flat part of the "L" between the shaft and the retaining clip. It only catches on the right side of both shafts. The short part of the "L" may end up pointing at the right frt headlight before it releases the clip. You'll know that you got it when you're able to lift the headrest straight up and out. The clip stays in place and life is good. Good luck

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Pull the head rest up and look at the bottom of both shafts for small holes. Put a paper clip or something a little stronger into the holes to depress the locking tabs while lifting up on the head rest at the same time.

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I just removed the front seat headrests from my 2004 Chevy Cavalier - Here's how it's done so you don't break anything and the rests go back into place just like new. I got into the back seat and leaned the front seat forward slightly so I could get a good look at the base of the headrest. Raise the headrest to it's highest setting. Looking at where the shafts go into the top of the seat you will see plastic inserts. Push the fabric down around these plastic inserts about 1/2 inch. On the back of the plastic insert (facing you if you're in the back seat) you will find a metal retaining clip. With a small screwdriver, carefully remove the clip by placing the screwdriver between the clip and the plastic and forcing the clip outward. It takes very little effort as the clip comes right out. If your fabric is really tight around the posts you may want to use a small pair of needle-nose pliars to help you get the clip out. Once the clip has been removed the headrest comes off with no problem. Once you're done with your seat covers simply put the headrest back into place and put the clips back in to hold it.

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Tried this on a 04 cavilier and worked perfectly.. Thanks


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