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Le Galaxy S7 Edge est la variante avec écran incurvé du téléphone Samsung phare de l'année 2016, le Galaxy 7. Annoncé en février 2016 et mis sur le marché le 11 mars. Modèle SM-G935.

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S7 Edge G935F U700 IC overheating


I have a S7 Edge (G935F) overheating the U700 IC whilst the screen is on, when the screen is locked- then it goes black, the IC cools down.

Does anyone have a clue of what could be happening?


Additional information: ''device was not switching on, analysing the logic board eventually I got the the region where the forementioned IC sits on. After applying some heat there, the phone resurrected and booted, however overheating whilst the screen is on.' The voltage of the components around it seems to be okay, according to its service manual."

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I’ve recently solved this issue, thought I could share the verified solution:

Samsung S7 Edge Overheating Hardware Repair - Thermistor Replacement

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Hello. Have you verified your apps? Is your phone rooted? Did you run Malwarebytes Security: Antivirus & Anti-Malware?

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Yes Apps are ok, phones not rooted. Thanks


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I am encountering the same problem … as far as my guess goes, the IC is shorting within itself replacing the IC may solve the problem, but i haven’t tried that; Hence, I am not actually sure about that.

Thank You.

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