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Lancé le 4 novembre 2017. Modèles A1868, A 1901. Disponible avec GSM ou CDMA /  64 ou 256 Go / argent et gris sidéral. (Se prononce "iPhone 10".)

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How to remove camera bump of iPhone x


i want to replace broken back glass sheet of iphone x i removed all but newone cant fix without removing camera bump , how to remove i tried but it looks hard ?????

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Hi Shahid, here is the link to the iPhone X Teardown. If you scroll down to step 22, it explains how you can’t remove the camera bump. Hope this helps. John

Vue éclatée de l'iPhone X

This is from step 22

Bonus round: What happens when you break the rear glass on your brand new iPhone X?

After lots and lots of heat, we sheathed the spudger and drew our Jimmy. Like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, The X features a seriously glued rear panel.

After all of our careful Jimmying, we're still stuck: Unlike the iPhone 8's single piece rear panel, the camera bump overlaps the rear glass, and is meticulously welded to the metal frame beneath.

In this classic hand-stuck-in-cookie-jar situation, we can either cut off our hand (the camera bump) or shatter the cookie jar (the rear glass). Great.

We opt for the camera bump-ectomy for an intact glass panel. Those replacing a broken panel won't have any good options—and they'll have a heck of a time scraping out the shards of glued-down glass.

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You will probably need to use an angle grinder (bad idea) or replace the whole housing. (not as great, but better than accidentally slipping and cutting your phone in half with the angle grinder.)


it means i have to break this assembly from down frame

will it not damage the cameras if i not opened the phone and remeove cameras outside as i havent opened the phone i just remove back glass off withheat and removed it jiut ??????can u guide plz


Sadly, we do not have any guides yet. independent users make the guides and since the iphone X is so new and expensive, people do not really want to donate their new shiny phone to the repair community.


Doesn't look like the camera itself gets broken if you follow the teardown up to step 7, the camera is removed.


I don't think there's any practical way to replace/repair the back glass. You'll have to remove everything from the phone and replace the entire frame/housing. In order to separate the camera bump during the teardown, we had to pop a bunch of welds free and it mangled the metal housing pretty good in the process. I've seen this glossed over in one or two YouTube videos, but in actual reality I'm pretty sure you'd have to be a magician with a laser welder to pull this off and make it look anything like new again. The back glass is purely cosmetic, so if everything is working correctly I'd slap a skin over it and call it good. Otherwise, prepare to pay a hefty ransom to Apple for a complete phone swap.


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