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HELP PLEASE receiver makrs NOISE LIKE STATIC , is in all the channels

Yamaha 6.1 avr Amplifier:

I have to choose denon because there are not option

Receiver makes a noise to all the speakers channels like static, very loud them by itself shut off, when receiver turn on for a brief time shows "check speakers wires " then even without sound going like movie or music

STILL makes the static noise”. Any help will be appreciated,

Thank you in advance

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Hi @flamini ,

Try disconnecting one speaker at a time (do this with the power Off) and then see if the noise disappears when the receiver is turned on again

Update (01/25/2018)

Hi @flamini ,

I think that you may have accidentally blown the power transistors in the amp, possibly when you connected it up again. If you had the unit powered on when you were connecting the speakers again after you moved it, then perhaps a speaker lead may have s/c (short circuited) the output and blew the transistors before the protection relay could operate.

You'll have to open the unit (definitely with the power removed) and see if you can spot any damaged components.

Here is a link to the service manual for your receiver. It details how to dis-assemble the unit, has schematic drawings and board layouts as well as part numbers if you find the faulty parts and need to order replacements.

If you find this too daunting contact a reputable, professional electronics repair service, preferably audio repairs, and ask for a quote to repair the receiver.

Good luck

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Hi @flamini ,

Has the receiver got a model number at all, e.g. RX-V459 or something similar?


Yamaha HTR 5740

Thank you for helpibg me


Hi @flamini ,

Did you disconnect the speakers on the amp end or on the speaker end?

If on the speaker end try disconnecting at the amp end one at a time.


pretty SURE was off, cause i ALWAYS turn the volume down before to turn it off, i' m care careful, i going to open up and see if i can see ANY with your info,

Thank you so much for your help



You been helping in these matter, and so thankful for that

I have a new question about these matter of the receiver noise .


Cause i never imagine can be

When i moved the avr and speakers , to a new place

I bought 2 speaker( no new ) to replace the small front speaker

Never test before or else cause i was waiting to set up the wires on the new place in the wall " bla, bla, bla"

And i always take care of the receiver, turn down volume , ventilation to do not get to hot, you know

Do you think that these speakers (ebay, maybe they lie to me and is why the receiver is screw up now) could be the problem to get my power transistor burnt, if these is the problem , if only if speaker can do that , i do not think so but you are the smart not me ,

You say "paste you coment"

I think that you may have accidentally blown the power transistors in the amp, possibly when you connected it up again. If you had the unit powered on when you were connecting


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What kind of receiver is it? It is probably a weak or faulty transistor. It need serviced.

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