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Guide de réparation et support pour les Netbook de la marque Acer incluant la série Aspire One.

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How to add a SSD without a Hard Drive Input?

Hi, have been trying to install a SSD hard drive into a Acer Es1 111 net book. It currently has only 13gb of space (with only around 1gb left). I opened it up to find that not only was there no hard drive, but there is not even a Sata socket for the hard drive to go into (as there is in the disassembly videos I have watched). There are pins where it is meant to be.

Is it still possible to install a hard drive, or get a wire to connect the SSD to the motherboard?

I will try to link some photos below.

Thanks for your help!


Update (01/20/2018)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Plse add your full Model Number ie. Acer Es1 111-xxxx

for better identification of your model


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It looks like your netbook does not have the port you need, although the pins for the SATA socket are present (it's the little holes that go from the tip of that printed arrow to the next empty screw(?) hole. It is possible to install a SATA socket in there with a little bit of soldering, tho it could get risky as you may end up damaging other stuff on the board with the soldering iron.

PS: You could get a SATA to USB adapter and use the SSD as external storage. Also look if your laptop has an SD card slot. You could return the SSD and buy a high-capacity SD card instead.

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#just to add.. it may also be possible that the SATA controllers are not embedded (not present) on the boad which even after soldering a SATA socket it will still not work!!!


@galmoham Of course, that is another thing to consider.


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