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My Sony NSX 46 tv turns off and displays a red led blinks 6 times

I have a Sony nsx-46GT1, it turns on for about 8 seconds then it turns off by itself and the led turns from green to red and blinks 6 times.


Thank you

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I have the same tv, took it to Sony repair shop that has been in my area for 35 years. Told me this is the blinking light of death and not worth repair as his diagnostic told him the led/lcd screen was bad. Cost me 50$, I decided to pick up my junk tv according to him went through the new tv sales pitch and said I need a few weeks to prepair for the 1200$ dropped on a new one I was lying . I noticed that once I plug it in and wait for quite a while it seems to me the tv try’s to come on I’ll get the lower app screen appearance and occasionally the whole screen would light up as it would when normally powering up this is not a bad led/lcd screen when you get a picture no matter how brief I replaced the POWER SUPPLY BOARD and it works perfectly. Go to mine was 58$+shipping of 23$ much better than 1200$ hope this helps.


Sony usually uses several banks of LED lights to light up the panel to see the image. If one or more of these banks of LED lights are open, you will have the issue you mentioned. If you can, carefully disassemble the panel and replace the LED light or lights that are bad or won't light up. This should resolve this problem.


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Check this thread.

red led blink 6 times when I turn on the tv

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It is a different model, I’m not sure if the same repair will work.


The same repair applies. All sony's will have the same blinking light patterns to make diagnosis easier for technicians. Here is the generic message Sony provides for all TVs.


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Mine is the nsx-46gt1 Sony Google TV, replacing the power supply board fixed my tv red light flashing 6 times.

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Same issue. Tv powers up. Sony logo displays. Tv shuts off. Read light blinks 6 times.

replaced power supply board fixed it.


Replaced power supply on xbr-75x850e and it did not fix flashing 6 red lights.

Any suggestions


Sounds like it’s the smaller board Video board


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