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Un grand smartphone de LG, commercialisé vers 2014. Ce téléphone bénéficie d'un écran Quad HD IPS et d'une camera de 13 megapixel.

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LG G3 external speaker audio cuts out soon after boot

I'm having an elusive problem with my LG G3:

Soon after booting up, the external speaker's audio will cut out and pretty much stop completely. I say "pretty much" because it will occasionally and seemingly randomly start again for a few seconds here and there, then crackle and stop.


-Only external speaker is affected, not microphone or phone speaker

-Boots up with sound, then cuts out after a short time

-Possibly triggered by extended audio clips?

-Tapping on the phone has occasionally started / stopped the sound. This points to a hardware issue

-Problem seems replicable, but I am not missing the described "metallic-looking fabric" from the inside of my phone:

Additional symptoms:

-My rear-facing camera also no longer works. Could be unrelated, but maybe not

-After the factory reset, I get errors from "Sprint ID" failing to download every boot. Cool stuff

Things I've tried:

-Clearing cache and data from various related apps

-Factory reset

-Disabled USB routing from developer options

-Disabled power management in battery settings

-Disabled Google Voice

-Booted into Safe Mode (same symptoms)

-Tested via Sprint secret code (external speaker sometimes works, sometimes doesn't; rear-facing camera never does)

-Tested via Soundabout (doesn't work)

-Removed and reinstalled both external speaker and rear-facing camera

- Bending small copper speaker "springs" up towards the facing contacts

-Ordered new external speaker and rear-facing camera and installed those (twice, in the case of the camera)

This is a frustration, obviously... If anyone has any new ideas to fix it, or can at least tell me that my mobo is bunked so that I may move on, please respond!

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I have the same problem that occurs in an absolutely random way. It does not involve the back camera that works regularly.

I changed 2 modules with rear speaker without success.

I have carried out a hard reset 3 times but the problem also arises as soon as the phone is reset.

Speaker headset, microphone and headphone jack work regularly, the sound is perfect.

It must be a hardware problem on motherboard maybe


Possible firmware bug on Android 6.0 Marshmallow after installation 1 year ago????


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hi, could you fix it?

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Nope! Ended up ordering a replacement. If you figure anything new out, please post here!


I had to install a stock firmware


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in my case it is a motherboard problem, I had the phone checked at an authorized LG repair center

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