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ASUS laptop running slowly?

My ASUS Laptop originally came with Windows 8 which was upgraded to Windows 10. It has 4 gb of memory and a 1.80 Celeron processor. It is really slow. Suggestions? I'm thinking of re-installing windows 8 and adding some additional memory but how much can I add?

Any suggestions appreciated.


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Many times, People are facing asus laptop running slow problem due to the hardware problem or junky operating system. so you should optimize the computer properly.

Once you will complete the optimization process. you should scan your computer to remove the virus from your computer as well. this will help you in fixing the problem.

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@lindvelasco hey buddy,

Thanks for your solution, i checked your article and it’s really helped me to fixed the slow issue on my laptop.



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yeah all your idea will help speedup the PC (but don't expect miracle thou LOL)

Add new memory(s) (that will help speedup up your lap)

do a clean installation, wipe all drive (backup your data first) as factory OS comes with a lot of bloatware and unnecessary apps

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maybe if you install new windows 10 good idea .

your laptop is celeron so originally it isn’t speed , so there is no benefit form adding ram.

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Hi there, you could also specify the exact model of your Asus so that we could better understand how bad things are and suggest if there’s something reasonable you can try in order to speed this up (unlikely).

Looks like you could be speaking of some model similar to X451/X551 series - there’ve been some poor modifications with N2815/N2830 Celeron CPU, supporting only max 4Gb of RAM. However, even in this case, you can still slightly improve it’s performance by replacing a slower hard drive (HDD) with a faster SSD.

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Sometimes when trying to launch an application, you may be getting the error message “The program can’t start because VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer.” This can show up in multiple apps, starting from Skype to HP 3D Drive Guard (accelerometerst.exe).

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