caribou electric kettle lid replacement

The lid on the caribou electric kettle is glass and breaks quite easily. Where can I purchase a replacement lid?

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I have two with broken lids. I can't find help anywhere Caribou Coffee 888-227-4268 does NOT sell replacement lids. Caribou did not produce the product (so no replacement parts), their name was just used to label the product.

My first lid broke within 2 months and I ordered another kettle from the last seller in the world that had it and that lid broke day 2 and left small piece of glass in my finger.


I found this lid online ( and moved the Caribou gasket over to it. Works very well and seals just right, though the un-insulated glass knob on top may get pretty hot to the tough.

(Note: my kettle was the "Caribou Coffee - 0.8L Electric Kettle - Stainless Steel", so it might be different for the CC-EKV8SS7)


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