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Le premier smartphone Huawei avec la nouvelle puce Kirin 970. Lancé en novembre 2017.

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Can a broken back glass for huawei mate 10 be replased?

I craked the glass on the back of my mate 10 while hiking . Can it be just replaced ? the cameras are fine and it works perfect it is just craked.

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Go to your local repairstore, they should repair it.

Although most of them will replace the glass and the lcd. Since the cost of removing the glass and glueing/curing a new glass over the existing lcd is too expensive (calculating the risk of a bad job).

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oh glad to hear it can be replased but it sounds like it is going to be expensive =(


aurora, tom has obviously read your question wrong and thinks its the glass over the lcd instead of the rear glass


you can find the replacement part here then watch this video to see how the glass was taken off, then stick down the new piece


Thank you Daniel !!!


True, my bad.

But it can be fixed as well as Daniel stated!


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