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Avec la version de mars 2015 du MacBook Air 13", Apple offre des processeurs bicœurs i5 et i7 de cinquième génération et par conséquent une batterie avec une meilleure performance et durée de vie.

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Mac air will not boot; Black screen with boot sound

Hey guys.

I bought a Mac air on a whim and it turns out its (maybe?) broken.

Pressing the power button will give me the apple boot sound, and the mobo fan spins, but the screen remains black and the apple on the back does not light up. The caps lock light lights up too.

After taking it apart, I realized the SSD was missing.

I've tried all the sorts of resets there are, and nothing is changing the situation.

Will the Air boot at all without an SSD (currently installing a USB OSX), and does anyone know what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like your backlight logic has failed. Take a flashlight and place it on the lid logo shining in are you able to see your desktop and the icons on it?

You could also plug in an external monitor as well.

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I hadn't considered that one. Do you mean that I shine a light thorough the Apple logo or bounce the light against the screen?


Press the flashlight against the logo its semi transparent (white plastic) so the light will pass through to the back of the LCD and light it up enough to see a faint image. FYI: the light source for the logo is the backlight.


Oh okay, then that's probably the problem since the logo doesn't light up. Il check in the morning, and worst comes to worst order a thunderbolt to hdmi adapter. :)


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