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My screen went half black and half rotating colors

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Hello , My LG tv (Model 60UF7300) is only about 2 years old. While watching, the screen started to have horizontal lines through it. I pressed the tv input button and the right side went black while the left side stayed colored (rotating from blue to green to purple) and there is no response to any buttons on remote. Has anyone else had this issue?

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@oldturkey03 and @stacyk

I have same problem with my Lg tv 43 inch LED 4k.

Is your TV working fine after changing TCON board. I highly appreciate if you can reply.




@chanpreet99 the tv still didn’t work once I had the TCON replaced, unfortunately. We ended up trashing it and getting a Sony


@stacyk thanks so much for your quick response.


@chanpreet99 you’re welcome. Best of luck, I hope yours works out better than mine did!


@stacyk I want to share my experience.

I replaced TCON board, still same issue.

Then I replaced TV main board which fixed my TV issue. hope this will help someone who looking for resolution.

Thanks to all.

Resolution : TV main Board faulty




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@stacyk you do want to make sure that you check all inputs (HDMI Component Coax etc.) separately and see if that changes anything. Post some images of what your display shows you with your question. That way we can see what you see. Horizontal stripes are usually caused by a failed panel (gate drivers) whereas what you describe after about the left and right side, sounds like a failed T-con board. We can make closer determination when we see what it shows.

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Thank you for your response! I will post a picture of the screen. I checked all cables and reset everything. I even unplugged it overnight and still nothing. If it is the T Con, is it even worth fixing?


The t-con board for your Tv is around $50USD so it is all up to you how much you feel like spending.


Wow, I didn’t realize the part would be that cheap. Is this something I can do myself or would it require a lot of labor and/or specific machinery?


If it is your T-con board you can most certainly do it by yourself. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver..


Great, thank you for your help!


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