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Le Galaxy S7 Edge est la variante avec écran incurvé du téléphone Samsung phare de l'année 2016, le Galaxy 7. Annoncé en février 2016 et mis sur le marché le 11 mars. Modèle SM-G935.

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Broken screen can't deactivate

I recently cracked the edge of my screen causing a few problems so I turned off screen lock and seems ok 90% of the time. Today's problem is I put battery saver on as was out and only had 5% and now I can't disable it as the screen times out straight away. To be able to get the phone screen back to working order I need to disable the saver back to normal. Help

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It fixed my problem as weel. I was unable to turn off the device and boot into recovery mode. Thanks for the post


Hi my s7 edge has a broken screen cant see anything, and i accidentally turned on battery optimization pl3ase helo!?!?


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Try this:-

You can force Galaxy S7 or S7 edge to power off without unlocking the phone by following these steps:

Step 1: Connect Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to wall charger with the USB cable and make sure it is charging.

Step 2: Press and hold Volume down button and Power button (holding two buttons) for about 7 seconds.

Step 3: Release power button, then volume down button.

Now, Galaxy S7 or S7 edge should be powered off. You can wake up the screen to verify. It should show a charging battery icon.

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I have spent hours trying to find a solution. This is the only one that works. Thank you very, very much. Now I can boot into TWRP and get all my files out.


yes this is hard to find knowledge! On my broken note 5, this solution works too (just pressing down + power button only reboots phone, not power off). Samsung should have made it easier to force power off phone with sealed in battery


100% working for my broken screen,Thanks


This doesn't work for me. It's just causing the hard reset but the phone immediately powers back up. I need the phone to stay off so I can take out my sim card


when i try this it just restarts my phone? HELP PLEASE.


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My Galaxy 7 started repeatedly rebooting and the hard shut off did not work. I have a replacement phone but have files I need to get off the G7. Is there another way to cancel the automatic rebooting process that the phone is stuck in?

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It's really too bad that no one has a universal fix for this. What i ended up doing was taking the phone apart and removing the battery. What could be the problem is the button mechanisms are faulty from the damage as well.

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