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Hard Drive - Need new board

I need a replacement board to match this.

Can anyone help? Thank you!

As you can see, this board has cooked itself, preventing the drive from working at all, needs to be replaced.

Block Image

Block Image

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That is a logic board to a hard drive.

You need the Make and Model of the hard drive with the near approximate manufacture date.

Then you will need to find a working one on Ebay.

Buy the working full hard drive and swap the logic board.

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Hi @avanteguarde ,

For my info. Just matching the board number won't work then? Is it tied to the specific HDD make and model?


Hi @avanteguarde ,

Thank you very much.

You Sir are a gentleman and a scholar.



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So, this one from the link you provided is a great example.

The BIOS needs to be swapped because it is from a Western digital, and will work with their 320gb, 250gb or similar hard drives, but unless the date code matches, it won't work. Toward the bottom it mentions a BIOS chip swap.

Something like this on Ebay, they have a clear picture of the date, DCM, model, etc.

Ali mentions part of the model number, not all of it.

For example: WD3200AAKS-75L9A0 is the full model, but Ali Express only say it is for a WD3200AAKS which makes a huge difference.

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