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Successor to the PowerShot G7 X, the Mark II was released as Canon's flagship model in 2016.

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Screen replacement ribbon question

The 4 connector ribbon cable, does it have a clip or clamp to hold it? Mine slips in and is loose. Is there a special glue for the screen?

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Hey Alan,

It's my understanding that the ribbon cable that connects the display to the camera uses a zero insertion force (ZIF) connector. In my experience, there is a locking flap on the cable insertion point. If that flap is in the up position, the cable easily slips into (and out of) this connector. So look for that locking flap. If it is in the up position, simply insert the cable and use a spudger tool to flip the locking flap down in the locked position. The cable should then be held securely in place.

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