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Phone battery to usb

Can anyone tell me how to adapt this to male usb, or micro usb.

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Luke Miller you'll have to give us more information about what you are trying to do. Can you just adapt a male usb, or micro usb to it does not tell us much. If you are trying to externally charge the battery then you will need a flat ribbon connector that fits your battery since you cannot solder to the ribbon cable. Unless of course you are very skilled in soldering very small wires and have the right tools. Also, if you solder anything to the battery you can no longer use it in the device that it is from. If you have an existing charger for the device than you can build something fairly simple on a prototype board. You would need the flat ribbon connector, female USB port etc. This goes for charging as well as using it as a power supply. So let us know what you are planning on doing.

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Getting power out with a fully charged battery is the easy part! The hard part is the reverse.

Take a look at this device: Solio Xcellerator and Hub Battery Pack and Solar Charger Battery Replacement as you can see theres more to it! This device allows you to charge the battery and then run a device off of the battery (two connectors). You would need to copy all of this to make a workable external battery.

How about finding an external battery unit which has a bad battery and fix it up? You'll need to find the same battery the pack has though.

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