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Sortie en novembre 2016, la PS4 Pro dispose d'un matériel mis à niveau pour les jeux 4K et des performances PSVR améliorées.

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Why my PS4 Pro still doesn't turn on after a power supply change?

Good evening,

I had an issue with my PS4 Pro. It was working perfectly and the next day, no bips, no lights...nothing. I had it for 1 year now so my guarantee was passed for 2 weeks and Sony didn't want to repair it without spending 175 pounds to fix it or send me another second hand one. So I decided trying to repair it by myself .

- I tried to turn it on without the HDMI connected

- I tried changing the cable "power supply" . I tried with the one my PC is using (it fits perfectly, but doesn't turn on)

- Following the step of different videos, I bought a new power supply and installed the new one... It still doesn't turn on my PS4 PRO.

It still doesn't make any bip, any light , nothing. And now I don't know if the company that sold me the new power supply has lied to me, or in the other hand it is something else with my PS4 Pro and it wasn't the power supply from the beginning.

I though that if it doesn't make any sounds or show lights will be the power supply, because everyone on internet was saying it will be a power supply issue, but know I don't know what to do. I would like to know your professional opinion, before thinking about sending my pS4 Pro and spending 175 pound more, because at the end is like buying a completly new machine again but without guarantee.

Thank you very much in advance.

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While you had it apart, did you clean out all the fluff and dust from from the GPU and fan? As this might be all it is.


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I have this problem too.. Exactly the same thing.. I'm considering the fact that the Ps4 may be bricked.. Software issue.

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