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Scratch 2 offline version using 1.2gb of ram?!

Hi my dell on scratch 2 offline version is using a crazy 1.2GB of ram! It’s frozen by opening a project and haven’t closed it yet and just noticed this. It’s not using any CPU. Why is it using this much?

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Have you noticed how much RAM each tab in Chrome uses?

1.2gb isn't bad for something that lets you create interactive stories and stuff.


No I haven’t seen how much chrome uses? Well it seemed like a lot for flash player. I only have 5GB of ram installed and all together the computer was using 72% of it.


There's a reason why Flash is banned on all operating systems now except Windows. :-) . Well, I guess you can still get it for OS X, too .


Scratch runs on flash. Even the online version. We’re still waiting for scratch 3 and it will run off html5.


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Scratch runs on Flash, which isn't exactly well optimized. I've discovered it always freezes on opening project <100 assets, but it always opens after a minute or so. Try restarting it and loading the project again. Good luck! (It does use a lot of memory though)

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Yep. The project I was opening was I think 680 assets. It only shows the assets on the online version. My iMac usually opens a project in a few seconds but it’s a lot faster computer with i7 compared to the single core Pentium 4.


@paperboypaddy Yeah, that's a large project. I've never edited one that large, my own projects seldom pass 400 assets. I'm glad I could help though!


It was griffpatch’s scratcharia I was trying to open.


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