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How can I build these two PC's into one?

Hi guys,

So I have a Gateway SX2110G-UW318, with AMD E1-1200, AMD Radeon HD 7310, a 500 GB HD, 4GB DDR3 MEMORY, and Windows 8 pulling all the strings. Now, I also have a Dell Optiplex GX520 - with a Celeron D 2.4 GHz, 64 bit, 50GB HD, 533Mhz, and Windows XP pulling "some" strings. The Gateway is blue screened from a quick power failure, and the Dell's fan speed is sporadic no matter how many adjustments i make. It just keeps getting louder and louder as the tasks become more involved. Especially if I'm playing a video.

My thought was to try and use the graphics card from the GW, in the Dell, as I had heard that replacing this would quiet down the noise (something to do with the stock card needing too much power for the configuration). Please excuse my lack of technical jargon and such, I am quite new to all of this. I am wondering what you think I should do (this is a somewhat temp situation, I will get all new gear in less than a year)?

Thank you for your time! C Alan

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To answer your question, Yes, you could in theory. For this situation however, you should certainly not do that. The age difference in these parts is such a gap that you would run into and infinite number of "bottlenecks" (One part holding back another) My advice is to re-install Windows on both of them, assuming the BSoD is software related. Also, to fix the fan in the Dell, I would recommend getting some compressed air and blowing out dust, then replacing the thermal paste between the CPU and CPU heatsink. LGA775 CPUs can be quite the furnace, especially the Pentium D. I don't know where you heard that adding a Graphics Card would reduce fan noise, but that is not true. It would be another fan and another source of heat, while it may reduce strain on the integrated graphics, it would ultimately be louder. I hope that helped you out, if anything is confusing, feel free to ask for more help. Best of luck!

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Thank you for taking the time to answer this. And yes this was very helpful to me, as I have already begun to take your advice (I'm cleaning and re-pasting tonight). I was right to check here first so that I did not make a change that would of hurt my PC's ability. Although, I should mention that it wasn't that they said to "add" another card, but to replace the stock card with something less power hungry (if that makes sense?). Anyway thanx a million for you and every other soul who gets on these forums simply to assist others with their technical issues, helping us to learn and grow, and get everything we can out of all of these gadgets. You guys all rock! C Alan

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