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Go cart 110 cc

I have a go cart and the wiring is not correct I wired it as best as possible I turned the on the ignition switch push the push start and it starts immediately but the acceleration is amped to maximum so I turned it off and this black box that looks an amp starts to smoke what can I do to fix this issue please help

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@frijole87 what make and model engine is it? Any identifier on the black box?


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Does your starter button push back out when you stop pushing? Check the voltage on the wire from the starter button to the starter. It has to one be on (12 volts) when the button is pushed but zero when you let up. They stick sometimes and it will burn up your starter.

Also, it’s hard to tell what you mean by “the acceleration is amped to maximum”. What acceleration? Is the engine throttle stuck on wide open? Or is it the starter motor that’s not disengaging from the engine when you release the starter button?

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