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Portable wireless speaker with a built in microphone. Released January 27th, 2014.

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Can someone identify this component Please... A6 A

Block Image

JBL Flip 2

A standard charging port replacement went south when the centre screw removed this component from the main board.

Its designation is D9 on the board and printed with A6 A, I believe its a Diode but not sure what other properties it has.

my knowledge on components is that of a three year old monkey.. I can replace and solder, but how or why it works is beyond me.. some sort of magic I presume..

Its situated next to the centre screw hole on the main board, and without this the unit wont turn on or charge unless you hold the power button down, when you release it, the speaker turns off with a loud pop..

Any help on this would be much appreciated..

Many Thanks


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2 solutions

Hey Paul,

I don't have this board but you're exactly right - that is indeed a diode. Diodes pass current in one direction and there are several types. Some google searching for A6 diode indicates that it could be a BAS16 or a BAV series high speed switching diode. There seem to be a few diode manufacturers / types using this code. Check with Mouser electronics or other supplier as they could probably help you find a replacement.

BAS16 datasheet

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try something like this

make sure you get it in the correct direction

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