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A multifunction color laser printer by HP.

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Printing is very faint, new black cartridge same result

The printer had been sitting unused for many months... all systems seem to be working, network, drivers etc., toner cartridges indicate more than half full (and I put a new black toner in to test) Print job comes out very faint in black.

Demo Page shows some yellow, some magenta, no cyan and very faint black.

I cleaned rollers, shook the cartridges... what do try next?

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You are not going to like this answer.

Other people (me too) corrected the problem by replacing all 4 cartridges at-the-same-time.

Mine sat un-used for 3 months. Worked fine, but green 'faded away'. Then came blue bars randomly down the page. Then yellow went. Cartridges were still over 50% full ! Crazy !


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Search for "print very light" <--in quotes.

You will see two answers there.

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