Roomba will not run

Roomba is fully charged but will not run.

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DrmrDee10 what model is it and what does it do? A bit more information than a single liner will be helpful.


My apologies I thought that info was in the chat room header. It is a Roomba 595 Pet series. It is on charger all lite up stating it is charged but will not run when power button is pushed.


DrmrDee10 yes it was but since there have been issues with wrong device selections, I justed wanted to make sure.

Have you checked the battery with a meter to make sure that it has a charge? Did your Roomba run before and did it just stop working all of a sudden or any issues with it before?


So I replaced the battery in January of this year. It was running just fine until 3 days ago when this issue occurred.


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