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Released October 2014

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Solder points for wires to speaker

I have a pair of Beats mixr headphones with the aux cable soldered straight to the speaker (don’t know why). A wire from the wider cable and a wire from the aux cable have deattached and I would like to see a tear down to see where to re-solder the wires onto the speaker. I can’t take out the Monster cable (it’s actually a genuine cable), and one ear works. The other ear has another aux port. When I use another aux cable, the ear that doesn’t work with the other cable works, but not the one that worked last time. So I have to use a headphone splitter and plug in both cables for both ears to work. But that’s a pain. How would I re-solder the deattached wires? An image of the disconnected wires is below.

Block Image

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@dudeperson post some images of where you see the wires disconnected etc. with your question. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante for that so that we can see what you see.


Alright added a photo.


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@dudeperson use a multimeter and see if you have continuity between point 3 and 4. Measure between 1 and 3 and 2 and 3 and make sure that you do not have continuity. If those points are true you can solder the ground wire to point 3 or just solder it above or with the ground wire (green arrows) coming from the input cable.

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I won't be able to try this until about March 17th.


@dudeperson that is fine. Absolutely no problem Somebody will be here to help you out:-).


I tried it. I edited the photo to what we tried.


Looks like I missed the other wire . Try to connect that to #3 if that does not work connect to bottom of #2 with the green wire.


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