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Random shutdowns and restarts?

Hi! I purchased a refurb mac pro 2012 on which I have a few upgrades(Gtx 1060 6gb, 240gb SSD)

All was working swimmingly for about the first month but recently I have had some worrying issues. At seemingly random points the mac pro with no warning will shutdown or restart.

I have not really been able to pin down on which specific kinds of processes it shutdown/restarts on. I thought certain processes were causing it(GPU) but that hypothesis has not been reproduceable.

What I have tried:

- Reset SMC

-Remove HDDs reseat, remove GPU reseat

- Remove all RAM and replace

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Hi Austin Glugla

Had you tried running on apple hardware diagnostics?


I can't really try it with the GPU in as I can't see boot screens. I will run it tomorrow with the stock GPU


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Your symptoms indicate a failing power supply. The ones I have seen the shutdowns start happening every once in a while and get progressively more frequent.

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