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Screen gone half black

I have a doogee y100 plus, it fell several times before but it remained unharmed, until this time, it fell from my bed, and Immediately after I picked it up, I turned it on, and the right half of the screen was black, and on the other side (which still almost normal) there is some vertical semi-transparent white lines that looks related to icons (some only shows when I enable some functions such as bluetooth and wifi) , but it is still responsive, though i can't see anything under the black part I can use it (I can use keyboard and can open apps even under the black)

I tried to restart it and remove the battery but nothing changed, it even showed on the logo screen.

The technician said that the problem is from the LCD screen and that I need to change it.

but I just hope he's wrong because I can't find any replacement parts for this phone in my area.

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@chocola going by your description alone, it does sound like a broken LCD. You can post some pictures of what your screen shows with your question. Use this guide for that Ajout d'images à une question existante That will allow us to see what you see. Looks like the display assembly is available at places like this and others.

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