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The HTC U Ultra is also known as the HTC Ocean Note and was released in February 2017. HTC U Ultra includes models U Ultra, U-1u, and 2PZF1 and was released in black, pink, white, and blue body colors.

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Why is my phone charging so slowly

Since past few days my htc ultra u is not charging like the way it did before

Its taking almost 12 to 13 hours to do full charge and after chargin when i plug off my charger the battery drains very fast

I also have changed the battery but the issue remains the same.

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Hello Khawaja Ahmed, I would recommend replacing the charge you are using, and make sure it its the proper wattage and voltage, it is possible as well that it is a weaker outlet.

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I have this same problem with my U Ultra. It stopped fast charging and will only slow charge now. Using the same cable I've been using all the time. Cable still fast charges my HTC 10 fine. Cleaned the USB port, restarted phone, turned off phone for a few hours, and tried 3 different cables that all work fine with my 10 so Im fairly confident it's something wrong with the phone and not the power source.


Hello. How did u solve this problem? I have too


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there is a firmware update. (offered with US carriers(?), go to settings and update in there somewhere)

if search the forums, no real way to fix the battery thing

I have the phone in a charging loop (Powers on the screen then shuts off)

(I suggest get a new phone) nokia or samsung. I got Samsung A50 on BF special at Best Buy

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