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A smartphone by Nokia, successor to the Lumia 610, one of the first phones to run Windows Phone 8.

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Audio Jack is very flimsy. Easy Fix or Replacement?

I've got the Lumia 620 and my problem with it is a wonky audio jack. When I plug in my headphones, i have to swivel the plug around I find a position in which I get stereo audio. If i just plug them in, the sound is very unsteady and cuts out and what have you.

Is this an easy fix where I just wedge the audio jack with a piece of plastic, paper etc. or would you recommend changing the thing altogether (maybe a small soldering job with a standard audio jack).

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The metal pins inside your headphone jack are molded into a plastic housing. It is sometimes possible to reach into the port with a fine dental pick and bend the pins toward the center of the jack. This will increase pressure on the headphones and may improve connection.

Unfortunately if it comes to replacing the headphone jack with a new one, only a Lumia 620 headphone jack will do. This is not a standard part and is made specifically for your phone's motherboard.

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