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The Shark Rotator NV502 vacuum was made in 2013, weighs 15.5 pounds, and includes a lift away handle. The vacuum can be used on both carpet and hardwood floors.

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How do I open up the top part of the Shark Rotator NV502

My vacuum won't turn on. I followed the other instructions for resetting, cleaning, etc. I think I might have a bad power switch but can't seem to get the top part of the machine open. Help!

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I asked how to open up the canister. I figured it out. The reason my vacuum wouldn't turn on is that there was a faulty switch. It would be nice if you addressed things like this rather than basic stuff like "check to see if it's plugged in", or "did you trip the circuit breaker?". Thanks for responding, though.


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Hi, go to this answer and try the steps outlined and if they work give the person credit. Otherwise Wait for Mayer or another more knowledgeable to wade in. :)

Why won’t my vacuum turn on?

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Not an answer, but theres nowhere else to ask, but.. HOW DID you open the top? I’ve taken out all the screws that I can find. What is left to do?

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