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Will replacing u10 void touch id?

So basically i havent attempted this yet?

Will replacing turtle void touch ID?


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No, U10/Turtle IC is strictly for the "click" function of the Home Button. However, you have to desolder/solder it on a flex cable so be careful not to damage the flex as you could then lose Touch ID.

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Hello Mihno,

I hope this means you have attempted this and can feild a follow-up question.

I think based on your answer you mean the Turtle IC is not paired to the motherboard.

Is turtle replaceable with new IC's purchased from 3rd party vendors, or does it include Apple programing, requiring you to pull it off a donor home button? Thanks!


The IC is readily available.


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So I have an IPhone 7 with original-Homebutton here, where I did a few Tigris/Tristar swappings till I got it back to work. It powers on normally now, but Homebutton shows zero reaction. Is this u10 ic just for the klicking or also for Touch ID? I saw videos changing it with a „special-tool“Can I also change it the normal way only with a heatgun?

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