all of a sudden my car won't start

my 2006 altima was running with a little lag when I sped up the rev went higher then supposed to but then drops down where it's supposed to. I also noticed my check engine light turn on and off but the light was on for 2 days and never came back. when I checked they said it had something to do with the idle system so I thought no biggie all of a sudden my car won't start it sounds like it's trying I changed the starter my batterys good and just wanted to know what I could be I was suggested crank shaft sensor or cam shaft sensor I was even told a throttle body please help!!

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@gmulaa23 does your engine turn over with the starter? Does it have spark? Does it have fuel? What engine size is this?


If it starts when stone cold but dies or shuts off when hot. That is almost always a crank angle sensor. Sometimes they don't throw a code. However as OT said, give us some more info and we can help.


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