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I have a question for about the wall charger for the iPad

It say it on the 29W charger caution for use with information technology equipment and I don’t know what it means and I didn’t know what is information technology equipment ????

Update (03/20/2018)

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I don’t know what it means ?

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It's just a cautionary statement indicating that this charger is meant for charging "information technology", i.e. computer and personal electronics such as phones and tablets.

Their basically covering themselves legally in case someone tries to do something with the charger that it wasn't designed to do and causes damage.

Use it with the iPad without worry.

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Hey Ethan,

I have the exact same problem, but i figured it out.

I have the same Ipad as you, and i just plugged it in like I normally would.

I took my phone charger and plugged it in.

Try it!

- Summer

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