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Water On the MacBook Pro! Where do I go?

Hi all,

Im sure this question has been asked before but it seems like my situation is a bit different.

Upon spilling about 1/3 glass of water on my laptop, I instantly flipped the machine over. Before I could turn the power off the MacBook was already unresponsive. No haptic feedback from the trackpad and didn’t try to turn it back on or anything. I had a keyboard cover on my keys which hopefully also protected my logic board! After removing the back case I see no red water damage indicators!

So I’m thinking this has something to do with power supply and related components. I’m definitely not taking this in to the apple store so I’m just wondering what my first course of action should be! If anyone has thoughts I definitely appreciate the feedback. Wanna get my $2G MacBook up and running!

Update: I pulled the logic board and found some corrosion on the top side near the right fan cutout. Here’s a pic:

Block Image



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Thanks for the response Mayer! The computer was unplugged when the spill happened. It came in from the right side but after taking the back case off I’m actually seeing a little corrosion on the component the MagSafe adapter plugs into. I haven’t gotten the logic board out yet but all the other components look corrosion free. I’ve yet to see visible moisture or any red moisture indicators.

Seems like good signs all around? Thanks again hope to hear any ideas people have!


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The logic board is very well protected on this machine. Did you see any liquid when you opened it? Was the mag-safe adapter plugged in when the spill;; occurred? exactly how did the water hit the machine, (was it a direct hit on the keyboard, right or left or backside?

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Ok so I got the logic board out and there’s definitely some corrosion going on. But it’s just happening in two tiny spots near the bottom of the right fan cutout. I can’t tell if it’s something I can just clean up or if it needs actual repair.


Clean it first.


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Clean it with 70% minimum isopropyl alcohol, after letting it dry see if the actual components don't have a burn-in like state (as in the contacts look intact and colour isn't burnt like black) then try turn everything on and go from there.

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