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Here are the repair guides for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

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Can't charge my phone.

Hello and sorry for my English! My phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MTK). Few days ago I plugged my phone into the car USB charger through a cigarette lighter and nothing happend - phone wasn't charging , so I unplugged it and 2 hours later i wanted to plug it in my home to wallcharger and nothing happend again. I tried with 3 others chargers and USB cables, but it still wasn't charging (Other phones are normally charging with all of this chargers) Then i tried connect it to PC but still noting happend. Phone was slowly dying with battery, but it works - i mean screen, speaker, camera etc. I put that phone into the wallcharger to night and it charged to 12% but was very hot. Then it died again (after slowly discharge) . Then I swapped USB port (this litte plate) to the new one, but that didnt help. Can someone help me with that issue?

Update (03/24/2018)

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I swapped this, because i have Redmi Note 4 on MediaTek. But still can't charge my phone.

Is there any chance that flex which connect main board with this usb port board is broken? I mean exactly - CM855_MAIN_FPC_V2.0?

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Hi i have a xiaomi note x4 and my charging cable doesnt work what should i do .it works with other cable.


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Do you try to change usb cables?

if the usb cable be good, Try to change the whole charging port board and change car charger, because it might blow up a capacitor.

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Hello! Yes I tried with 3 different cables but it still wasn't charging. I swapped charging port board to the new one but that didnt help as well. Is there any chance that this factory new one is already broken? Maybe there is something more that can be broken.


It might be a tiny small capacitor in the upper logic board. Difficult to change it....


there is a chance to have broken flex cable, but is rare...


Hmmm. I dont know what to do right now ....


put charger on it , take mutimeter and count the main board the fisrt parts that come after the flex cable to check if the flex cable is good.


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