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The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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Digitizer only replacement possible?

Is it possible to separate the LCD from the digitizer on a Surface Pro 4 tablet so I can just replace the glass, or does the LCD need to be replaced as well?

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Hey Jay,

It appears as though it is possible, though it is not feasible. You would have to buy re-laminating/refurbishing equipment (expensive!). This is due to the fact that the digitizer is secured to the lcd with a film adhesive that is difficult to remove. I would just recommend purchasing a new digitizer lcd assembly. You can replace it with this guide.

Hope this helps,


Image Surface Pro 4 (1724 v1.0) Screen


Surface Pro 4 (1724 v1.0) Screen


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is this type of screen common/becoming common? Because if it is I might need to invest in that sort of machinery anyways


It is very common (especially in iPhones). However, I'm not actually sure if there are any consumer made laminators available for Surfaces. I know they are avalibe for iPhones (here's a good one - But, this would cost you about $3,000+, so I wouldn't reccomend it unless you are looking to refurbish screens.



thanks for the advice!


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