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Lancé le 4 novembre 2017. Modèles A1868, A 1901. Disponible avec GSM ou CDMA /  64 ou 256 Go / argent et gris sidéral. (Se prononce "iPhone 10".)

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Do I need a new LCD Screen + Digitizer or just a new Glass Lens?

Hi, so I cracked my iPhone X screen. All of the functions still work perfectly fine and the screen has a normal picture, it's just the screen is cracked. Does that mean I only need a new glass lens replacement? Being that there's a $370 price difference between a completely new display + digitizer and a new glass lens, I'm hoping I just need a glass lens. Would appreciate any advice, thank you.

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Hey Noah,

If you had the laminating equipment, yes, you would only need the glass. However, the equipment is expensive (especially for the new screen on the x), so I'm not sure that many repair stores will have the right stuff for the curved screen. That being said, repair stores get wholesale pricing, and they already have the tools to do the repair, so it would be best for you to just go to a repair store.

Hope this helps,


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Even if you go to the repair shop, they usually change the whole screen instead of the glass.


Sorry @mandy , I guess I was a little vague. I was assuming that the repair store would just replace the whole screen, as most don't have the equipment, so they just sell the broken screens to a refurbisher or throw them in the trash. @nlaz24 , I think you should just buy an iFixit kit with the digitizer assembly or go to a store to get it fixed if you are worried about damaging your phone.


The repair shop always sells the broken screens because they can be used to refurbish. They are many broken screen buy-back merchants online.


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